Commercial Messaging

GP Company Brand/Product Songs provide an innovative music-based messaging platform for companies to promote brand images and market products and services. While, it is a widely accepted business practice to utilize music for commercial purposes (typically in 30 and 60 second musical jingles) what’s unique about GP Company Brand/Product Songs is that they extend the jingles product marketing concept for three to five minutes.

In a World of DVR’s and Remotes

When today’s audiences recognize commercials (with jingles or not) they are generally quick to advance to the next available viewing or listening option. Companies therefore need to develop new techniques to capture and hold the attention of audiences in order to highlight the features, advantages and benefits of their products or services. GP Company Brand/Product Songs are enticing and they not only provide a musical incentive for audience consumption they can also motivate individuals to take action.

GP Company Brand/Product Songs

Jingles Plus

Like jingles, songs can convey advertising slogans or a phone number, however, GP Company Brand/Product Songs are also creative ways to simulate conversational dialog, communicate cultural experiences and illustrate environmental context for the use of a company’s suite of products and services. More importantly, GP Company Brand/Product Songs can connect message with emotion, which in turn, can help companies connect with their customers.