Groovy Pyramid project research strategy has two primary aims: (1) Develop music-based social media program designed to educate target audiences on curriculum-based subjects/topics. And, (2) Establish proof of concept: Determine the feasibility, likeability, usage, satisfaction, relevance, and acceptability of the program.

The long term objectives of the GP research projects are to rigorously test and commercially deploy on-going music-based social media programs related to the health communications disciplines. GP Studies also focus on the efficacy of music-based social media programs that are digital, portable and available for use in multiple environments including home, church and classroom settings via the internet and other portable modalities (iPOD, MP3). In addition, project media materials are distributed across multiple platforms including YOUTUBE broadcasts, iPhone/iPOD/MP3 application streams, and downloads. Song lyrics, supplementary information and skills-building content are also disseminated and evaluated.

Music enhances recall and learning, has universal appeal, and has the potential to evoke transformational learning. Music-based messaging can enhance retention and recall of information. Music provides a medium for disseminating messages in a culturally relevant manner that does not rely on literacy level, and helps motivate individuals through sounds and lyrics. That is why we anticipate that the results of GP research projects could dramatically impact health education and outreach programs.