The Grains Food Group includes those food products that are made with rice, oats, wheat, barley or other cereal grain.   The nutrients provided by grain-based foods like tortillas, noodles, crackers, rice, bread, oatmeal, spaghetti and popcorn help our bodies to digest the food we eat and they also help our bodies to build red blood cells and repair of body tissue.

Using Music to Promote Whole Grains Consumption

Music is a cool way to explain that there are two types of grains, whole grain and refined grain.  Whole grain products are made with the entire grain kernel and refined grain kernels are milled.  While refined grain products are generally enriched with vitamins and minerals such as riboflavin, niacin, iron and folic acid and iron, the milling process of refined grains generally result in the loss of dietary fiber which is important for digestion.  The Dietary Guidelines recommend that we consume more whole grains so that we can get the necessary daily allowance of fiber along with the added nutritional benefits of the whole grain kernel.

Grain Songs

Nutrients Listing Set To A Beat

GP Grain Songs  emphasize that a balanced diet should include between three to eight ounces of grains depending on your age, gender and how physically active you are.  One ounce of grain is equivalent to a half cup of rice, one cup of cereal, or one slice of bread.  Usually most of us have no problems consuming enough grain in our daily diets.  The challenge is to make at least half of our grain consumption, whole grain.