Oral Health

Groovy Pyramid Oral Health Songs promote awareness of oral health and amongst children and adults. Good oral hygiene is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and a bright smile and fresh breath also helps to improve your self esteem. On the other hand, an unhealthy mouth can negatively affect your overall health.

Music to Promote Good Oral Health Habits

GP Oral Health Songs can help teach good health habits. The song lyrics recommend that listeners brush and floss twice a day and that they also use a antimicrobial mouth rinse two to three times a day. GP Oral Health Songs also promote healthy snack and diet habits.

GP Chronic Disease Awareness Songs

Highlighting Dental and Hygiene Professionals

Adults consult dentists when they experience pain or believe that something is wrong with their teeth or gums. However, adults and children should actually visit the dentist on a regular basis (at least once or twice a year) in order to maintain a healthy mouth. GP Oral Health Songs underscore the important role dentists and oral hygienists play in maintaining oral health. In addition, the song lyrics highlight the routine procedures performed by dentists such as placing fillings or tooth extractions, and they also discuss how dentists can diagnosis oral diseases and identify other warning signs evident in the mouth that may lead to disease elsewhere in the body.