Nutrition Education

One of the main goals of the Groovy Pyramid is to help individuals focus on the food they consume and to understand the link between their diet and their health. The GP nutrition education catalog features an engaging mix of up-tempo and mid-tempo songs based, on the 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines. The song lyrics highlight the health benefits of eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables, drinking low-fat milk, consuming lean meats, and limiting unsaturated fat intake. In addition, other related nutrition literacy concepts such as portion control, sugar and sodium intake, water consumption, daily physical activity and adequate rest are discussed in the respective song lyrics as well.

Simple Concept Based On Common Sense Elements

Music is enjoyable, pliable and can reach people on a personal level that may prompt individuals to be more aware of the diet they consume and may help them adjust to a healthier lifestyle. Music-based messaging may also extend and diversify the range and effectiveness of existing nutrition education programs. This may be particularly true for certain target populations segment such as children, African Americans and Hispanic Americans because music-based nutrition education better addresses cultural attitudes, behavior, beliefs, linguistic preferences, and literacy levels of the these vulnerable groups.

GP Nutrition Education Songs

School-Based Wellness Support

While schools are required to deliver wellness curriculums, nutrition education is generally not emphasized and often under-funded.   Moreover, diet and health topics are usually not the most popular student subjects.  Notwithstanding, educators and school wellness coordinators can utilize GP songs to spice-up their curriculum and engage students.  The songs themselves can serve as an “icebreakers” to initiate peer-based dialogue about important lifestyle subjects. Moreover, children in particular, need to know that their food choices should not be based on taste alone.  Rather, students should have knowledge regarding nutrient and caloric content of food in order to make smart diet choices.  To that end, GP songs can function as melodic messengers that deliver nutrition education in a very consumable format.