As a company, we are driven to create new applications for music-based health communications because we believe that applying music-based messaging techniques to this discipline can help decrease overall health costs, reduce health disparities amongst vulnerable population sets, and most importantly improve treatment and prevention outcomes. While this mission is simple, we recognize that monetary, production assets, intellectual and other in-kind support are required in order to achieve the mission. Specifically, our company seeks assistance in four main areas: curriculum development, song and video production, audience dissemination, and program evaluation.

If you, your company or your organization has a synergistic interest in our mission and would like to help us increase the use of musical songs in health communications, please consider supporting the Groovy Pyramid. In return, we can create branded versions of particular musical programs that support one or more of your organization’s messaging goals or disseminate a program to a worthy target group on your behalf.

To facilitate support, we have established four sponsorship programs that correlate with the four phases listed above (Prototype Sponsorship, Production Sponsorship, Dissemination Sponsorship and Research Sponsorship). Furthermore, we are very eager to discuss ideas for new programs and alternative ways we can collaborate with you and your group.

Prototype Sponsorship ($1,000/Song)

This sponsorship helps our company to fund the development of new songs. The fee will be primarily applied to initial writing expenses, curriculum and standards research, and draft song production. We are particularly interested in developing content that meets state, local and national standards.

GP Chronic Disease Awareness Songs

Production Sponsorship ($5,000/Song)

This sponsorship helps our company to produce an initial release version of the song. Fees from production sponsorships are applied to cost related to studio rental, lead and background vocals, instrumentation and sound engineering.

Dissemination Sponsorship ($1/Song/Target Recipient)

A Dissemination Sponsorship provides funds to distribute music-based messaging programs to target audiences. More than likely, the intended target audiences will not have discretionary resources that allow them to purchase the Groovy Pyramid songs, so our goal is to collaborate with stakeholders who are willing to underwrite the benevolent distribution of these programs

Research Sponsorship

Scientific evidence regarding the use and cost effectiveness of music-based health communications needs to be developed in order to justify the increased use of the methodology. Research Sponsors fund project that are intended to evaluate each of the Groovy Pyramid music-based messaging programs. The objectives of these projects are to establish proof of concept models and utilize surveys, focus group, control groups and other qualitative and quantitative techniques to rigorously test each song. The goals of GP Research Projects are to determine, report and publish assessment results regarding feasibility, likeability, usage, satisfaction, relevance, and acceptability of the respective Groovy Pyramid programs specifically and music-based health communications methodologies in general. Project funding requirements vary (ranging from $5,000 and $100,000).

General Donation

General donations that support our operational, program development and promotional endeavors are very much appreciated. In addition, if you have a specific collaboration idea, please contact us.