Treatment Adherence

The Groovy Pyramid music catalog includes a group of songs that support treatment adherence. When patients do not adhere to their treatment plan, they are more likely to require physician visits, emergency room visits and hospitalization. In fact, over 100,000 people die every year due to poor treatment adherence. In terms of cost, poor treatment adherence contributes more than 8 billion in hospital and other costs. Using a music-based messaging approach to promote improved treatment adherence can help to address the shortcomings in the current health communications system.

Compliment Pharmacy Communications

It is very important for patients to take every dose, every day in order to have the best chance of managing or curing a specific disease or injury. GP Treatment Adherence Songs can compliment or become an alternative to printed paper instructions attached to filled prescriptions. Many patients throw these pharmacy instructions away and musical stories may be a more likeable method for them to learn to fill prescriptions, identify medications and how to schedule and self-administer their prescribed dosage. Research involving GP Treatment Adherence Songs (conducted by Emory University researchers) showed that song lyrics can help motivate patients to faithfully take their medicines as prescribed.

GP Chronic Disease Awareness Songs

Compliment Counseling Communications

Adherence to a treatment plan allows medications to work effectively. However, following a specific treatment plan to the letter can sometimes be difficult and patients may be confronted with a number of tough challenges. Should medications be consumed before or after a meal? How to deal with side effects? How can I afford my treatment? Should I tell my friends or employer? How can I manage mental depression? These questions may be addressed to the patient’s support team which should include family, friends, physicians, insurance representatives, financial consultants and mental health counselors. GP Treatment Adherence Songs are tools that health providers can utilize to highlight factors that complicate treatment adherence. The song lyrics further demonstrate how patients can overcome obstacles, set goals and use self-motivation to improve adherence.